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Find out why so many musicians trust Adam Borecki & his team of engineers to reliably capture your next concert.

USC Recital Recording

Adam Borecki & his team of engineers consistently provide the highest qualityrecordings at the best price for USC musicians.

Book early! Email us at: adam.borecki@recording.LA

Professional Integrity

Hire Adam, get the best quality at the best price. $2,000 Recording Insurance comes standard for all USC recitals.

All recordings come with backup devices & spare cameras. Always.


USC discounts, new music discounts, & flexibile recording packages available.


“I appreciate the superb quality of audio and video production, remarkable professionalism, cordiality and generosity. I recommend the meticulous work enthusiastically  to all who require high caliber recording!”    - Vatche Mankerian  Pasadena Conservatory of Music

“The artistry and close attention to detail bring out all the colors I want to create. It’s incredibly uplifting to hear music so sensitively captured in a recording.”    - Josephine Yang    Pianist, USC Graduate Student