Concert Recording

Concerts - Recitals - Live Events

Recording Dot LA provides high-quality audio and video recording services for a variety of live events at affordable rates including: concert & recital recording, live streaming, livesound & PA, and professional concert photography.

4k Single & Multi-camera Video Recording

We shoot with industry standard DSLRs and 4K Handycams to bring you clean and professional-looking capture of your live event.

High Quality Stereo & Multi-track Audio Recording

We record with industry standard and studio quality microphones to bring you clean and precise capture of your live event.

HD Livestreams

Audio and video live stream services available for a variety of live concert experiences.  Streams available from our live stream page: recording.LA/livestream

Livesound & PA

On-site engineers & wireless mixing services available, as well as equipment rental for microphones, PA & speakers, cables, stands, and more.
We shoot on industry standard DSLRs with years of experience capturing the subtly and beauty of performative moments from your live event.