Autocopy is a command line utility for Mac that automates copying multiple SD cards to multiple destinations.



Autocopy sends commands to Finder (via AppleScript), so you monitor the progress in Finder (as if you clicked and dragged yourself).

Autocopy copies entire contents of source drives, so you don't accidentally forgot a folder.

It alternates destination drives (i.e. 1->1, 1->2; 2->2, 2->1; 3->1, 3->2; 4->2, 4->1 etc.) to reduce bandwidth to a single drive.

Unlike Finder, Autocopy verifies that all destination drives have enough free space before starting to copy.


Open Terminal on a Mac.

Insert all sources (SD cards, SSD) and destinations (external hard drives)

Type "autocopy", and follow directions to copy multiples SD cards to multiple hard drives.


  • fix bug about bytes available: force it to not be ready if drive will fill up
  • Change src detection (e.g. F8_SD_1 should be auto-detected as a src)


Notice: these instructions are somewhat incomplete and assume you have a basic knowledge of terminal.

Autocopy is written in PHP using the PHP-CLI - so you have to have the shell executable and the .php file somewhere in Terminal's PATH.

  1. Open Finder, then type Shift + Command + G, enter "~" to go to your home folder.
  2. Create a folder called "bin", if it doesn't exist
    mkdir ~/bin
  3. Go to "~/bin" in finder
  4. Put all of the files that you downloaded into this the folder: ~/bin/Autocopy
  5. Make autocopy executable
    chmod 755 ~/bin/Autocopy/autocopy
  6. Add Autocopy/ folder to Terminal's path
    pico ~/.bash_profile
    # add these lines
    # this is to include Autocopy in the PATH
    export PATH
    Control + X to save changes (in pico)
  7. Future terminal windows will include the path.
    Open new terminal window

Known Issues

Some memory cards with the identical names (such as F8_SD) cannot be uniquely identified

As of version 0.2, the Autocopy will fail with a "collision error" if two memory cards appear to have the same name.

As a workaround, you can rename the memory cards something unique using Finder, then re-run autocopy.

Rename F8_SD cards to something unique to import multiple simultaneously.
Rename F8_SD cards to something unique to import multiple simultaneously.