recording.LA offers a wide variety of audio recording packages, specializing in:

  • Concert Recording
  • Multi-track Audio Recording
  • Student Recital Recording
  • Live Sound / Amplification
  • Event Recording
  • Memorial Services
  • Audition tapes
  • Orchestra Recording
  • Chamber Music Recording
  • Live Streaming
  • Click Track (for small ensembles or for orchestras)
  • Audio Editing & Restoration
  • Mixing / Mastering

Concert Audio Library:

(Excerpt) Symphony No.88 in G Major – IV. Allegro con spirit – Franz Joseph Haydn
USC Thornton Symphony

(Excerpt) Cheng Tiger Growl Roar – IV. Roar – Terry Riley
Piano Spheres: Gloria Cheng & Terry Riley

(Excerpt) Unmasked – III. Rag and Tag in the Moonlight – Michael Lee
Cameron O’Connor, guitar

(Excerpt) Ojos claros y serenos – Francisco Guerro
USC Early Music Ensemble

For complete audio samples, email scheduling@recording.LA